Is this you?

  • Know you don’t do as much exercise as you should
  • Think your clothes are on the snug to tight side
  • Are aware your eating habits aren’t as healthy as they could be
  • Want to get fit for an event.

Whatever your goal A Fitter Life can provide you with the service and the motivation to help you reach it, including:


Personal Training:


Know your stuff?

Do you think you know your carbs from your calories, your good from your bad food and how many calories you use when you exercise? Just for fun, you can test your knowledge here*.

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Lynn McBrearty

Lynn McBrearty, founder of A Fitter Life

Hi, welcome to a Fitter Life! I’m Lynn McBrearty and I am dedicated to providing tailor made services to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and live a fitter life. Whether you are looking to become a healthier weight, eat a healthier diet, increase your fitness levels, or train for an event I can work with you to achieve your goals.

Take a look around my website, don’t forget to try out the ‘Know your stuff’ quiz to test your knowledge on healthy eating and exercise!

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