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  • 'Charity Begins at Home' 2015 appeal

    27 November 2015

    Charity Begins at Home, local people helping local people to have a happier Christmas

  • Having a laugh

    13 September 2015

    Laughter is the best medicine… and a whole lot more…

  • Have you had your daily caffeine fix?

    19 June 2013

    After having a day where there just isn’t enough coffee in the world thought I should remind myself why I should drink too much!

  • Eating Clean: Are ready meals cheaper than 'proper' food?

    09 March 2013

    Time to explode the myth that process foods are cheap and convenient.

  • New year resolution?

    01 January 2013

    Have you resolved to getting healthier and fitter in 2013?

    Talking about the health benefits of regular physical exercise and maintaining a healthy weight was so 2012… 2013 is the year of taking action.

  • Stroke prevention

    22 October 2012

    Recent research shows Strokes are affecting more people under the age of 55. I wanted to post this blog to raise awareness of lifestyle changes we can make to reduce the risk of a Stroke.

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