Why use a personal trainer?

14 March 2013

Have you ever used a personal trainer, or given any thought to how one may be of benefit to you? If you were asked to provide a definition of ‘personal trainer’ what would it be?

  • ‘someone who makes you exercise’.
  • ‘someone who tells you how to do exercises’.
  • ‘a mean person who shouts orders at you’ .

Would your definition include any of the following …. someone who can:

  • Provide you with regular Fitness Profiles which give accurate assessments of your physical condition, weight, measurements, body fat percentage, required and actual caloric intake.
  • Provide you with an individual training plan and give you advice on how to make the most of your training sessions.
  • Help you lose weight and improve your overall fitness.
  • Help you reach a health or fitness goal.
  • Teach you good technique.
  • Give you variety in your training programme.
  • Provide exercise management for medical referrals, such as cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Help you improve your lifestyle, reduce stress levels and become more active.
  • Give you health and nutrition advice.
  • Give you motivation when the going gets tough.

I bet you are now wondering how you’ve managed without one!

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