Are you ready to run?

08 April 2013

Getting Ready to Run is a 12 week programme designed to get new runners up and running! It is also designed to help existing runners get back up to speed!

The programme focuses on 4 key areas:

  • Strengthening the muscles used for running
  • Building core stability
  • Increasing fitness levels
  • Stretching.

Each session will include these 4 areas. At the beginning of the programme the focus will be to increase fitness levels and to build strength and core stability. As the weeks progress the focus will move towards increasing the time spent running.

In addition to the physical aspects of running the programme will also cover such things as:

  • What to wear
  • Running safely
  • Running routes
  • Staying hydrated.

In addition to the weekly sessions you will be given an individual programme to help you meet your specific running goals, whether that is to run without stopping for 30 minutes or complete a race.

The cost is £45 for the 12 weekly sessions and your individual programme tailored to your specific goals. And by becoming a member of Run England you will also receive a £15 voucher off running shoes from the Sweatshop. If that isn’t enough incentive… refer a friend and you will receive a free Run England t-shirt.

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