Weight Management

The theme of this programme is changing your eating behaviours without changing your lifestyle

The media consistently report food related stories, such as how obesity is increasing, diets to make you slim in 3 weeks, foods which are good for you, foods which are bad for you, how anorexia in young girls is increasing…. The list is never ending.

This 8-week programme explores your eating habits, looking at what influences eating behaviours and why you respond the way you do. Based on the Government’s healthy eating recommendations and guidelines the programme takes you through a series of steps to look at your own eating behaviours, the type of food your body needs for you to be a healthy weight, and how much of those foods you should be eating.

The programme is ideal for those who want to:

  • Lose weight, or
  • Gain weight, or
  • Understand how to eat healthily
This is open to all members of the public, the maximum group size is 8 people

About the programme

The weight management programme consists of 8 weekly one hour sessions.

The programme is tailored to meet your specific needs and to match your lifestyle. Therefore, before starting the weight management programme it is important to gain a picture of your lifestyle, medical history, your goals and your current eating habits. This information is then used to build a weight management programme specially designed to fit in with your lifestyle, and to help you achieve your goals.


  • Your weight is checked to make sure you are progressing and working towards your goals
  • A specific topic is discussed, such as:
    • understanding why carbohydrate, protein and fats are important
    • understanding your energy balance and calorie intake
    • the impact exercise has on weight loss
    • how to read and understand food labels.

Group programme:

This is open to all members of the public, the maximum group size is 8 people, and held in a location in Milton Keynes or surrounding area.

Private programme:

This is carried out through one-to-one sessions, the sessions can be at a location of your choice (such as your home or your workplace)

Private group programme:

This programme is a mixture of the group programme and the private programme. It can be held in a location of your choice and attended by a group of your friends, family or work colleagues. For example, the weekly session could be held at your house with a group of your friends.


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