Do you want to exercise in an environment you feel comfortable in? Where it doesn’t matter what you wear or now fit you are? Why not try one of the exercise classes offered by A Fitter Life, where you can:

  • Have some ‘me time’
  • Have some fun, and
  • Get fit… all in 1 hour.

Feeling Fitter is a group exercise class suitable for all abilities. It is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their general fitness or be a healthier weight.

To find out more see the Feeling Fitter section of the Classes page.

FitterCondition is a group exercise class suitable for all abilities. The class focuses on improving muscle strength and definition.

To find out more see the FitterCondition section of the Classes page.

Getting Ready to Run is a 12 week programme designed to get you running.The programme is aimed at new runners, or those who want to get back into running.

To find out more see the Getting Ready to Run page.


Are you interested in finding out how to eat healthily or how you can incorporate more exercise into a busy and demanding day – a Fitter Life offers one-day interactive workshops which help you do just that!

The workshops are designed to be informal and relaxed, yet highly informative and practical. By the end of the day you will come away with a personal action plan based on your lifestyle, which you can put into practice straight away.

You can attend a public session workshop, alternatively make the workshop more fun by arranging a private session and invite your friends, family and colleagues at a location of your choice!

Find out more about our workshops, or enquire now.

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