Personal Training

Providing you with support and knowledge to help you reach your fitness goals.

I believe personal training is exactly that – training someone personally, making sure they are given the support and the knowledge needed to meet their fitness goals. Personal training should be as unique as the person the trainer is training.

To make any personal training effective it is important that the trainer really understand your fitness goals, and your motivation for achieving these goals.

I see it as my job to provide you with:


  • Design a fitness programme that will help you progress towards your fitness goals, and that contains injury prevention elements
  • Carry out regular fitness assessments to show how you are progressing towards your fitness goals
  • Provide you with nutrition advice


  • Provide you with the motivation to reach your goals … even when the going gets tough!
  • Keep track of your fitness progress and feed this back to you

Training in your home

Are you limited for time, or have constraints that make it difficult to spend time away from the house exercising? Or do you want an exercise programme based in your house so you can follow it without being tied to going to a gym?

If this is the case, having one to one personal training in the comfort of your own home could be the answer you are looking for.

When personal training in your home I will bring along the equipment you will need, and if you are feeling adventurous we will use every day household items instead of gym equipment… turning your home into the ultimate alternative gym.


Training in your home
Training in a private gym

Training in a private gym

Does the thought of going to a gym, queuing for equipment, listening to someone else’s choice of music, and the general environment put you off exercising?

If it does, training in a private gym may just be the reason you need to start exercising.

You can have one to one personal training sessions in total privacy, using the equipment you need for maximum benefits from your work out…. And you get to choose the music you listen to!

You can even have a shower before you leave!

The gym is well equipped and has everything you need for a full and fun workout.


Training outside

Does the thought of exercising indoors make you feel claustrophobic? Or is the only time you have to exercise during your working day?

If it is this may be the solution you are looking for. With a little bit of creative thinking mechanical gym equipment can be discarded and the outdoors becomes your urban gym.

This is a great option for people who want to fit exercise into or around their working day, or place of work, or for those of you who simply love being outside!


Training outside
Inside the gym

Free consultation

Before making any commitment and starting a personal training programme it is important that we meet and get to know each other. It is also important that I gain a picture of your lifestyle, medical history, your goals and your current fitness levels. This information is then used to build a training programme specially designed to help you achieve your goals, using exercises you enjoy, and which fit into your lifestyle.

Fitness levels are checked every 8 weeks to make sure you are progressing and working towards your goals.


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